Founded by two generations of lawyers, our firm understands the importance of longevity and legacy. We aim to bring you legal and corporate solutions that not only meet your present needs, but also greatly position you for the future.

We are a historic firm that understand the need to stay abreast of modern trends, so we commit to provide our clientele with current and innovative solutions.

Our counsel is always in the best interest of our clients; regardless of its impact on our bottom line. Sometimes, less is more.

We bring a strategic approach to meeting our clients needs. Our experience and expertise in key areas such as corporate, non-profit, immigration, and media and entertainment gives us a grounded, common-sense perspective which separates us from the pack.

The current world we live in is one characterized by rapid technological advances, drastic economic and market shifts, and increased global connectivity. Simply put, times have changed; however, the law is notoriously slow to keep up with such changes. Here at Ayeni and Ajayi-Obe, we can help you bridge the gap not only by providing key legal insights, but also serving as qualified business advisors.